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Fresh blueberry muffins that melt in your mouth. This recipe can use coconut oil instead of butter for extra moisture. The recipe also uses...
fresh raspberry muffin

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Try these delicious Raspberry Muffins for breakfast or for after dinner. A great recipe that produces moist sweet muffins that jam packed with fresh...
orange muffin

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Try these Sweet orange muffins for breakfast. Fresh orange juice and orange peel make these orange muffins sweet in flavor and great for breakfast. Ingredients 2...
chocolate fondant

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Try this Chocolate fondant cake recipe to wow your guests. We all love chocolate desserts but the ultimate chocolate dessert must be the Fondant....

Celebrity Recipes

Spanish Chicken With Chorizo

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A great easy twist on Spanish chicken where all ingredients are bunged in the oven and roasted. A nice orange zest gives it great...

Food Nutrition

Vitamin C

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Winter time is normally when most people catch common colds and flu. Vitamin C can help ease the pain by reducing the symptoms and...
crash diets

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We have all at some point fallen for the attraction of the January crash diet. Endless rounds of mince pies, mulled wine and Terry’s...



Food & Health

sugar tax

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Jamie dropped into the houses of parliament this week to tell David Cameron why Britain should have a sugar tax. Jamie is currently leading...