Whats Cooking?

Whats Cooking?


chocolate fondant

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We all love chocolate desserts but the ultimate chocolate dessert must be the Fondant. How many Valentine’s Menus end with chocolate fondant. For those...
tangy lemon tart

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A firm favorite with dessert lovers and actually very easy to make. You can cheat if you wish to buy in pastry cases which...
slamon fishcakes

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My own recipe here using fresh salmon and chilli to add a little kick. Bread crumbs and shallow frying on both sides add a...


Spanish Chicken With Chorizo

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A great easy twist on Spanish chicken where all ingredients are bunged in the oven and roasted. A nice orange zest gives it great...
Tagliatelle alla Bolognese

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For those who love Italian Food, here is a great recipe from Gino's recent cooking program The Italian Escape. A quick and easy recipe...
pad thai

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Pad Thai is traditional dish of Thailand popular throughout the world. Basically the dish is made of stir fried rice noodles and is as...


Vitamin C

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Winter time is normally when most people catch common colds and flu. Vitamin C can help ease the pain by reducing the symptoms and...
crash diets

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We have all at some point fallen for the attraction of the January crash diet. Endless rounds of mince pies, mulled wine and Terry’s...
saturated fat

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There is a lot of controversy around saturated fat right now. Is it actually bad for you? Is polyunsaturated fat now bad for you?...