A Few Tips for Making Delicious Ice Cream Yourself

Imagine relaxing on a warm evening with a bowl of creamy, delicious homemade ice cream. The appeal in learning how to make ice cream yourself is that you can experiment as much as you wish.

If you prefer exotic flavours or crave for something unique, you can easily whip it in your kitchen. However, you need to practice to get that creamy ice cream. A single misstep could leave you with a product that is too soupy or icy. There is no need to despair as the tips below will get you that perfect scoop or something close to it as you keep learning. Some of the tips apply when using an ice cream maker while others do not necessarily require the device.

The appeal in learning how to make ice cream yourself is that you can experiment as much as you wish.

Do not Worry Too Much about the Fat

Watching your calorie intake is a good thing, but focusing too much on it can ruin your frozen dessert. Some people opt for low-fat substitutes to keep the calorie intake minimal. However, ice cream requires high-fat content to achieve creaminess. If you want that rich, smooth texture, you cannot skimp out on the fat, especially if you are still new to homemade ice creams. So, stick to full-fat ingredients for a delicious scoop. Once you perfect your skills, you can try out various low-fat ingredients.

Freeze the Bowl

If the ice cream maker that you are using has a freezer bowl, freeze it first. The bowl should be cold enough to allow the ice cream to freeze properly. If not, it will be mushy. So, before pouring the fixture, freeze the bowl for a minimum of 24 hours.

Chill the Custard

Speaking of freezing, you should let the custard chill. Before proceeding with the churning, put it in the refrigerator. A chilled base goes a long way in improving texture and flavour. Note that ingredients combine properly during churning. It also enhances the stability of air bubbles, which helps achieve a creamy scoop. Some experts recommend chilling to 50°F. You can do the same for an eggless recipe.

Do not Fill the Machine

It might be tempting to fill your ice cream maker all the way, particularly when serving a big group. However, the tub of the machine needs room to freeze the contents. So, keep the tub half or two-thirds full to leave the necessary space for churning.

Watch the Liquor

Alcohol is useful in your preparation because it lowers the freezing point of ice cream. By adding a shot or two of liquor, you reduce the freezing taking place, creating a soft serve. However, the anti-freeze property of alcohol can work against you. Since alcohol does not freeze, you will end up with a sloshy mess if you add you much of it.

Be Careful with Mix-Ins

Dried fruit, nuts, cookies, candy and popcorn, can add exciting flavours to ice cream. However, you have to be cautious with them. For one, they should be small so that they can blend into the mixture properly. Also, add them after churning to maintain consistency.

Homemade ice cream can be as simple or as fancy as you like. Try out different recipes and keep practising to get the perfect frozen dessert.