Lithuanian Food on the Rise

Lithuanian Food on the Rise

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Lithuanian food

Lithuania is about to adopt the Euro in the next 12 months. Already we are seeing more Lithuanian nationals living in the UK. As a result, expect to see more Lithuanian cuisine in the UK which can only be good thing for those with adventurous palate. The cuisine from Lithuania features foods that are generally suited the cool and moist climate. You can normally find locally grown barley, potatoes, rye, beets, greens, and mushrooms with dairy products being a speciality. Popular dishes include Cepelinai which is a potato dumpling filled with meat, cheese curd or mushrooms. Some other well known dishes that Lithuania is famous for includes dark rye bead or (šaltibarščiai), a cold soup made with beet and kugelis or baked potato pudding. Another well know dish is smoked sausage and vedarai which is potatoes and sausage that is stuffed in pig intestines. Popular drinks in Lithuani include locally brewed beer or (alus) and of course vodka known as (degtinė)

The different regions of Lithuania all preserve their own original dishes and recipes and cooking techniques are passed down from generations. Residents from Aukštaitija are well known for their skills in flour and freshwater dishes whilst Žemaitija residents are well great cooks of potatoes, vegetable and dairy meals.

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