Poutine – Serious Comfort Food from Canada

Poutine – Serious Comfort Food from Canada

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Poutine is apparently the posh chips and gravy according to the guardian. So what is Poutine and where does it come from. Well there is no denying that when you see this culinary delight for the first time, it looks like a disaster. Imported from Canada, Poutine is basically chips, gravy and cheese curds, Comfort food of the highest order!

Actually it is really is a stodgy pile of chips with meat gravy and cheese curd which is the solid product from the beginning stages of making cheese. So popular is this dish in Canada right now, it is on every McDonalds menu. Once a late night snack to mop up the booze, Poutine is all the rage in Canada and is now branching out to the rest of the world!

It is now about to take the UK by storm though healthy it is not! As many British people enjoy over indulging in alcohol and then soaking it up with chips richly covered in cheese or gravy, it would appear that the introduction of Poutine here will appear very popular. Check out this Canadian street food by dropping in at Poutinerie stall in Brick Lane where Poutine is available alongside many other delicious street foods.

You can read more about Poutine by visiting this link http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/shortcuts/2014/sep/07/poutine-the-posh-chips-and-gravy-taking-over-the-world

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