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Britain’s cheapest pint

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Having a pint is pastime for many of us whether it is a quick one after work, sat relaxing on a Saturday afternoon or on a night out with friends at the weekend. Whatever the occasion, you can’t beat a nice pint. Unfortunately the cost of a pint is not what it used to be. In fact there can be a big difference in prices depending on where in the country you are. The average cost of a pint of beer in the UK is now £3.46. This is 15p higher than it was last year. Tax on beer accounts for 52% of the cost. Where in the UK can you find Britain’s cheapest pint? Below you can the most expensive and cheapest pint across the UK.

Where is the most expensive?

  1. London – £3.92
    2. Scottish Islands  – £3.85
    3. Berkshire – £3.67
    4. Sussex – £3.66
    5. Isle of Wight – £3.63
    6. Surrey – £3.63
    7. Kent – £3.62
    8. Buckinghamshire – £3.61
    9. Oxfordshire – £3.56
    10. Hertfordshire – £3.55
    11. Scotland – £3.53
    12. Hampshire – £3.51

Of no surprise is the fact that London is the most expensive. In central London, prices for a pint can he be even higher at around £5 a pint, Steep! Berkshire, Sussex and Isle of Wight are not far behind.

Where is the cheapest pint?

The cheapest pint was in Herefordshire and Yorkshire were they were best value with a pint costing just £3.10 and £3.15 respectively. The midlands and north England had the cheapest prices for a pint as you can see below

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