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Jamie dropped into the houses of parliament this week to tell David Cameron why Britain should have a sugar tax. Jamie is currently leading the campaign to reduce sugar intake across the UK. He gave his views on failure by previous governments to improve the diets for children which has contributed the epidemic levels of child obesity in the UK. He called for sugary drinks to be taxed by 20% per litre which he predicts could raise as much as a billion pounds that could be equally shared across the NHS and primary schools.

The government is under pressure to produce evidence on what steps it is planning to take to cut down sugar consumption.

sugar tax

The department of health has announced that a review on what measures will be taken will be announced alongside a government strategy that will aim to tackle child obesity.

Whether a sugar tax would be realistic proposition remains to be seen but Jamie Oliver did confirm that David Cameron was reviewing all proposals.

Jamie also revealed that similar measures had been introduced in Mexico and France so the idea of a sugar tax was not over the top. It is worth pointing out that primary source of sugar into children is through the consumption of sugary drinks. In his presentation to MPs, Jamie asked “Is it the businesses that are profiting from ill health in our children or is it us?

Currently Britain has one of the highest child obesity rates within Europe. Jamie also called for a ban on TV junk food advertising before 9pm.

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