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Health is important and unsurprising that men are less aware of health conditions than women. Men can develop various health conditions which can normally be associated to a poor healthy lifestyle. Smoking, drinking excessive alcohol and not exercising are all key factors. The following are health conditions all men should be aware of especially those over 40.

Mental Health

Mental health is a common occurrence amongst men and studies have recently shown that younger adults are suffering from mental illness. The pressures of everyday life can be a common reason.


Distance from family and friends, not being open and not participating in things you normally enjoy are all possible signs of mental health problems.

Oesophageal cancer

Oesophageal cancer is 3 times more common in men and especially common in people over 60. Key factors that contribute are drinking, smoking, obesity and not eating enough fruit.


Regular cases of heart burn and difficulty in swallowing can be common signs. Losing weight without explanation, chest pains and pressure on the chest.

Heart Health

Poor heart health is another common occurrence in men especially those unfit, overweight and under stress maybe from long hours at work. If this sounds like you, then you could be a prime candidate for heart related issues. Drinking plenty of water can help thin the blood and prevent blood from clotting. Exercise is also essential for a healthy lifestyle which will lower stress.


Pains in your chest and heavy breathing are key signs. Make sure you regularly check your blood pressure and cholesterol.

Liver Disease

From recent studies, men are much more likely to be diagnosed with liver disease. Obesity and alcohol are key reasons why more men are diagnosed than women.


Key symptoms of liver cancer include weight loss, swelling of the abdominal, chalky stools, swelling of the abdominal.

Lung Cancer

For men, 23% of all deaths from cancer in men are attributed to lung cancer. Smoking is the biggest cause. Eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables can help with maintaining a healthy diet.


Constant coughing, chest pains, weight loss, heavy breathing and coughing up blood are key symptoms.

Pancreatic Cancer

There is a 30% great risk of Men developing pancreatic cancer than women. This can be associated to more men smoking than women. Having a BMI over 30 can be a major contributor as well as higher intake of processed meats. Having diabetes and excessive alcohol in take are other key factors.


Abdominal pains, problems with bowls, weight loss and nausea are other key symptoms.