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Is Eating Bacon And Sausages As Bad as Cancer?

According to the world health organisation, consuming bacon and sausages could be as bigger threat to our health as cancer. They are planning to announce that these popular breakfast items which are the staple breakfast for millions of people around the world especially in countries such as the UK and US. In fact in the UK, a cooked breakfast is part of heritage on par with Roast dinners. The cooked breakfast is associated to being British as is fish and chips and a pint of bitter. Hangover food, the working mans breakfast, greasy cafes across the land are under threat.

All joking aside is Eating Bacon And Sausages As Bad as Cancer?  Well Sausages and Bacon are about to be placed in the same category as asbestos, cigarettes and arsnic in terms of the damage they will do to our health. Other popular food item, red meat will also be declared “probably carcinogenic to humans” but a little less of a risk to our health than Bacon and sausages. The world health organisation also confirmed that other processed meats such as salami, hot dogs and pastrami could cause bowl cancer if consumed frequently.

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