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A pioneering genetic therapy has helped one year old child reverse life threatening cancer. Lalya Richards who was receiving treatment at Great Ormond Street. She had aggressive cancer leukaemia which was diagnosed as incurable only just 5 months ago. Designer cells were used by doctors to fight the cancer. The improvement in her health has been nothing short of a miracle. Her progress has been a major milestone in medical science through it is still too early to know if the Laya has been completely cured. Layla Richards was only 3 months old when she was formally diagnosed with the condition.

Just a few weeks ago, Doctors had confirmed that there was nothing more they could do. However, her parents refused to give up. Medical staff at Great Ormond street hospital along with Cellectis, a biotech company, gained permission to try a highly experimental therapy that had only previously been trailed on mice. The so called designer cells were the product of advance gene editing. The designer cells were designed purposely to seek out and eliminate the leukaemia cells. A 2nd bone marrow transplant was also required to help restore her fragile immune system. It really is a miracle as there is no trace of leukaemia in her body.