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Waitrose food trends 2015

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Waitrose has reported on the UK’s food habits in 2015 providing data on British food trends and behaviours in 2015.

What’s out?

Granulated sugar sales have dropped and not surprising especially with the child obesity concerns in the UK presently. Sugar is now deemed the new fat. Go on Jamie Oliver!

Soya milk sales drop as other dairy alternatives rise in popularity as part of health eating drives. Almond has already surpassed soya milk in sales according to a sales survey by Waitrose.

What’s in?

A rise in chopped frozen fruits as more Brits jump on the home made smoothie and juice train

Cacao bars have seen sales up by 37% and are a healthy alternative to chocolate and cereal bars as they are made from natural ingredients.

Almond mik sales soar at the expense of soya milk. Again another product that is heavily endorsed by health gurus.

Avocado Supreme!

Most pinned food on Pinterest in the UK and king of Instagram across the world. Again there are significant health benefits of avocado making it very popular.

Prosecco continues to be a preferred option champers!

Outselling champagne by 1.7 bottles to 1. The price and the fact that it tastes almost the same especially if buying more expensive and quality brand. Shortages only prove the point.

Cauliflower is in!

Not just cauliflower cheese, but the cauliflower is now being seen on pizzas and pilaffs with exciting and adventurous recipes supporting its comeback.

Coconut – What’s not good about coconut?

The popularity of coconut as been meteoric with coconut milk and oil dominating the healthy lifestyle tips. Endless health benefits have seen consumers using coconut for everything. The wonder ingredient of 2015.

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